A Ghost Saved my Life

3 10 2010

[written by author and editor, Jennifer Brozek]

When Mark asked me if I wanted to be part of Ghost Appreciation Month, I did not have to think about it. The answer was an immediate “Yes!” and I knew exactly what story I would tell. Everything I tell you is real and did happen to me or a member of my family.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, my father was stationed at SHAPE, Belgium. Because the franc was so good, we had the monetary ability to live off-base in Mons in a 300 year old mansion that the owner called “The Chateau de Mons.” This was an amazing house with an amazing backyard with an eight foot stone wall for a fence. All of my father’s friends started calling us the “Von Brozeks” because of this amazing home.

Now, 300 year old buildings come with their own quirks like strange heating, funny noises, a long history and ghosts. Really. Even my skeptical father had an experience one winter morning when he came downstairs to turn on the heat. Someone walked up behind him. He thought it was one of the kids but when he turned around, no one was there. He swears he heard and felt six or seven footfalls behind him. This is just one example.

On the day a ghost saved my life. It was a normal fall day like any other and my siblings and I were home alone after school and, being nine, nine and eleven, we were being children. Children do a lot of dumb things. This particular day, we were daring each other to walk out of the second story window of my brother’s room and to see how far we could get across the patio top without losing our nerve.

I cannot remember if I was the first kid out on the patio top but I was certainly the last. As I walked along, I slipped and fell. What I did next was do what anything on an incline plane does: I slid down the patio top. I remember hearing my sister scream my name. Then, I remember my sister waking me up as I lay on the ground. I remember nothing inbetween.

My mom was called. I was rushed to the hospital having just fallen 20 feet to land on my head and right shoulder. The doctors were all mystified as to why I was not paralyzed or dead. Those who fall from that height and land the way I did almost never walk away unscathed. “Your daughter must have been limp when she hit the ground to only sustain a bruise. This is very unusual. Most people tense up when they fall. It’s a very good thing she didn’t.”

When we got home, my father sat us all down to find out what happened. We quickly agreed that my sister and I were in the window, playing and my brother had come in and scared us. I toppled over out of the window and slid down the patio top. (Yes, they know the truth now.) When I was questioned about why I didn’t tense up all I could say was that I couldn’t remember what had happened.

Finally, my sister spoke up. “I think I know what happened.” We all turned to her. “I saw her fall and start sliding down the patio. I ran to the stairs and looked out that window. While she was sliding she was trying to grab anything. But there was nothing to grab. Then she looked up, her face shone white and she smiled at me. She went limp and just let herself fall over the edge of the patio.”

Everyone was quiet for a time. Then my father asked, “Her face shone white?”

My sister nodded. “It glowed.” She paused. “White.”

We all looked at each other and then understood that the reason I couldn’t remember the sliding, the fall or the landing was because I wasn’t really there. Someone or something else had taken control of me at just the right moment to make me go limp and save my life.

[Later today, Robert Hood will be reviewing The Weight of Water]




2 responses

3 10 2010
Patrica Esposito

That’s an amazing story. I love to hear stories of ghosts helping people, and I’ve been finding that in hearing real-life stories, these are the kinds that come up more. Not scary hauntings as much as spirits trying to make connections or act as guides themselves. I’d imagine after an experience like that, you’d feel grateful for other planes of existence!

3 10 2010

Every ghost in that manse was kind. There was a winding staircase that everyone fell down (even the dog) and not one of us got hurt. There are others stories I have about the escape tunnel and such. But over all, I do believe in ghosts because of that home and I am not afraid of them.


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