Beyond Fiction is, simply, about quality reviews and bringing you the best in today’s literature, film, games and other media. Here you’ll find sharp, incisive and up-to-date reviews, as well as interviews with the writers and creators, brought to you by a team of staff who, between them, have many years’ experience and are already known in their fields.

The venerable heads who will bring you their regular wisdom and thoughts are, in no particular order:

Mark S. Deniz – Editor-in-chief; Reviewer; dance instructor

Sharon Ring – Assistant Editor; Reviewer

P. G.  Bell – Reviewer

Simon Marshall-Jones – Reviewer

Louise Morgan – Reviewer

KV Taylor – Web issues; Reviewer

Scott Wilson – Reviewer

Michaela Staton – Reviewer

Sam Kelly – Reviewer

Many thanks are due to Reece Notley for the fantastic header on these pages!

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