Mark S. Deniz


Mark S. Deniz with one of his imaginary children


Mark S. Deniz has never been to Sweden, let alone live there as he claims. He has neither a wife nor does he have two children. Most laudable is his claim that he runs two publishing companies: Morrigan Books and Gilgamesh Press and that he has published a few short stories, edited a few books and written a film script, now available as a short film.

No, for Mark S. Deniz is currently residing in our state mental facility, eating our staff’s shoes and constantly referring to himself as the messiah of genre fiction.

He does write the occasional review and interviews the odd people now and again, and has managed to name himself as Beyond Fiction’s editor-in-chief. Not that you should let that put you off, as he’s quite good when given the chance…

However, watch your shoes when you come in…


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