Here is the location if you want to keep up with all the happenings on Ghost Appreciation Month, this month. All the articles, reviews, stories, etc. appear as blog posts first and then make their way here, as archived pages, with links below.

The Ghost Appreciation Month team is as follows:

  • Mark S. Deniz
  • Sharon Ring
  • P. G. Bell
  • Bertena Varney
  • KV Taylor

and our mail address (if you have comments/suggestions is here: Ghost Appreciation Mail

the 31 films we are watching are here: Ghost Appreciation Month – Films and if you want to give your own score to the films being shown, you can do that here: Ghost Appreciation Month – Film ratings

and here are the links to the posts (in chronological order):

01-10-2010 Ghost Appreciation Month: The Beginning [Mark S. Deniz]

02-10-2010 Growing up with Ghosts [Amanda Hotton]

03-10-2010 A Ghost Saved my Life [Jennifer Brozek]

03-10-2010 ‘The Weight of Water’ review [Robert Hood]

04-10-2010 ‘Dead of Night’ review [Sharon Ring]

05-10-2010 ‘The Red Shoes’ review [Robert Hood]

06-10-2010 ‘The Innocents’ review [KV Taylor]

06-10-2010 Turn of the Screw/The Innocents [KV Taylor]

06-10-2010 ‘Mushi-Shi’ heads-up [Mark S. Deniz]

07-10-2010 ‘Blithe Spirit’ review [Neal Romanek]

07-10-2010 ‘The Haunting’ review [Sharon Kae Reamer]

08-10-2010 Ghosts and M. R. James [T. A. Moore]

08-10-2010 Ghosts: Treat them Gently (M. R. James) [Robert Hood]

09-10-2010 The Isle of the Dead [Allison Littlewood]

10-10-2010 The Spirit in the Lens [Lucy Huntzinger]

11-10-2010 ‘High Plains Drifter’ review [Thomas Emson]

12-10-2010 ‘The Shining’ review [Kaaron Warren]

13-10-2010 It’s Christmas over at Ghost Appreciation Month! (A Christmas Carol preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

13-10-2010 Charles Dickens interview – exclusive [Sharon Ring]

13-10-2010 Why Ghosts Wail: A Brief Memoir [Gary McMahon]

14-10-2010 Who Ya Gonna Call? (Ghostbusters preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

14-10-2010 ‘Poltergeist’ review [Sonia Marcon]

15-10-2010 ‘Carnacki the Ghost Finder’ [R. J. Barker]

15-10-2010 ‘Ghostbusters’ review [Aaron Polson]

16-10-2010 Need help blocking the ladder? (Jacob’s Ladder preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

16-10-2010 ‘The Woman in Black’ review [P. G. Bell]

17-10-2010 Ghosts and Subjectivity: Is There Anyone Out There? [Robert Hood]

18-10-2010 You’re not really going to put on that cursed video are you? (Ringu preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

18-10-2010 ‘The Crow’ – The Sound of Violence [Kim Lakin-Smith]

19-10-2010 You ready for the soul collector (‘The Frighteners’ preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

19-10-2010 Reflections on the Ghost as a Representative 21st Century ‘Monster’ [Robert Hood]

20-10-2010 Do you see dead people? (‘The Sixth Sense’ preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

20-10-2010 ‘The Frighteners’ review [Orrin Grey]

21-10-2010 Beware the Witch! (‘The Blair Witch Project’ preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

21-10-2010 ‘I Married a Witch’ review [Ruth Merriam]

22-10-2010 Are you sure you don’t believe in ghosts? (‘The Devil’s Backbone’ preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

22-10-2010 ‘The Blair Witch Project’ review [Mark S. Deniz]

23-10-2010 Beware of ‘the others’ (‘The Others’ preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

23-10-2010 ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ review [Orrin Grey]

24-10-2010 Post Mortem Photography: Sentimental Keepsake or Creepy Reminder? [Mary Rajotte]

25-10-2010 Interview with Gary McMahon for Ghost Appreciation Month [Sharon Ring]

25-10-2010 ‘Session 9’ review [Gary McMahon]

26-10-2010 ‘The Booth’ review [Robert Hood]

27-10-2010 An Unusual Ghost Story: ‘The Fountain’ [Mana Hotton]

28-10-2010 And you think you have scary children (‘Saint Ange’ preview) [Mark S. Deniz]

28-10-2010 In Portugal – A real life ghost story [Mark West]

28-10-2010 Designed by the Devil & Powered by the Dead: The World of Thir13en Ghosts [Lou Morgan]

29-10-2010 Dancing with the Dead: Ghosts in ‘The Graveyard Book’ [Lou Morgan]

30-10-2010 ‘The Winter Ghosts’ review [Liz de Jager]

30-10-2010 SoSF: Special – Stephen Volk [Mark S. Deniz]

31-10-2010 ‘The Orphanage’ review [Harry Markov]

31-10-2010 ‘Ghostwatch’ review [NK Kingston]

01-11-2010 Ghost Appreciation Month – The End [Sharon Ring]



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