1st February– 1st March 2011

Beyond Fiction is proud to announce it will be supporting another event at their website to follow on from the successful Ghost Appreciation Month, hosted between 1st October and 1st November 2010. This time the focus will be on monsters from film, and literature, with authors and bloggers contributing various posts over the course of the month, including: film reviews, interviews, articles, book reviews, etc.

[If you think you’d like to contribute something to us, please send a mail to:]

Monster Awareness Month will feature twenty eight films (with one bonus feature) to be shown over the course of the month. Our hope is that several of these reviews will be complemented by reviews. With this in mind we have already compiled our film list and it is accessible here:

Monster Awareness Month – Films

As always, there will be a team dedicated to making sure that everything runs smoothly and the team for Monster Awareness Month will be:

Mark S. Deniz

Sharon Ring

Robert Hood

KV Taylor

Orrin Grey

Harry Markov

So get ready for February 2011 and keep an eye on the site for updates, as it’s going to be immense!

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