If you are an author or publisher who would like a book reviewed by Beyond Fiction, please contact us at:

Beyond Fiction

and Mark Deniz (our editor-in-chief) will be in contact with you, as soon as he is able, to discuss options.

We do accept e-books and PDFs, although we have a much quicker turnaround for print copies. Something to be aware of when considering us.

Beyond Fiction have a policy of a maximum of three outstanding reviews per reviewer, as we are aware of how frustrating it can be to be as an author or a publisher, wondering if your book is ever going to be reviewed. This policy reduces the number of those situations, as if our reviewers don’t review the titles on their list, then they can’t take new copies.

We also are available for reviews of films, music, board games and computer games. If you want a review of any of these then please also contact us on the mail address above and we’ll be in touch.

Although our main focus for reviews are up and coming independent presses, we are interested in review copies from large publishing houses too.

Beyond Fiction have also considered location, especially for sending material, and with this in mind we have reviewers in the US, Europe and Australia. This can significantly reduce shipping costs to us.

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